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Salma El Hosseiny Gouda


I am Salma El Hosseiny Gouda. I was prostesting in Tahrir Square and the beatings happend on Wednesday. I went to check out what was happening to defend my colleagues and try to bring them back because I was concerned for them. Then suddenly there were gunshots and people wanting to beat-up anybody... ...the army... tank... firing live ammunition... and we could have been hit. I don't know where I got this courage, but I stood in front of them and said: "You either hit me or you bring me my friends" Of course no one listened to me.

After the voilence cooled down as I was returning, before I could even pass the museum I found myself being arrested. One of the locals said, "Come here the Army wants you" Not one but about 15 of them surrounded me. One of them grabbed my hand as if he was grabbing a thief or a thug even thought you would never find a female thug roaming between the men. He (the local) took me to the Colonel. I don't even know what to say about this Colonel I honestly don't know what to say. As soon as he saw me he said, "Calm down, calm down." At fist I thought he was good, kind man. After I calmed down, I asked: "Why have you taken me? What do you want from me?" He responded by slapping me on the face...

Straight to the point, he said:
"You're one of those prostitutes that are all over the country and made people follow you" "You pretend that you're not afraid, when in fact you're all cowards. Look at yourself now"

I asked him: Why have you arrested me? What am i accused of? What have I done?"

He said: "You're getting people to follow you. Come here"

Anyways, the went to arrest us. Of course they began electrocuting my legs ... they applied electircity to my legs. And girls would be electrocuted on their chests and their legs. And ...extreme disrespect and lack of courtesy and vulgarity that no one can handle. By this time I had a nervous breakdown.

Then, as soon as one of my colleagues saw me, ...he went inside and said to the Army: "Guys, she is my fiancee." So they took and started beating him. They had initially broken one of his arms, so the proceeded to breaking his other one ...then they electrocuted him. They took him to the other men.

When we were taken to the military prison, the girls and I We were placed in room with two doors and a window ...the two doors were fully opened.
We begged this lady to close the doors and the window... but the lady refused and a girl would have to take off ALL her clothes and be searched
while cameras filmed us from outside to help them fabricate evidenc of prostitution on all of us, without any of us knowing. Very few of the girls actually took notice of these cameras. We had prostitution files made on us while we were there with absolutely noclothes on. And if a girl said she was a virgin, she was subjected to a "check-up" someone we did not know. Could've been a soldier or some kid from their behalf.

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