Montag, 14. März 2011

Ramy Essam - tortured by Egypt military

The Singer Ramy Essam was one of the thousands of mostly young people that protested for weeks against the regime on the central Tahrir square in Cairo and finally succeeded in forcing Hosni Mubarack to step down. During these protests the military stayed neutral in most of the time and refused to shoot the own population, which led to a good reputation for the army. But this clean picture of the one force that's controlling the country at the moment is in question, since the word spreads that the military starts using violence against protesters and tortured several captives.

In spite of being threatened he had the courage to go publish the abuses he suffered.

This video might be disturbing as it shows the woundings shortly after the where inflicted, please read the translation first and decide afterwards to watch it or not.!/No.For.Torture


"My name is Ramy Essam. On Wednesday, the 9th March the army attacked us in Midan Eltahrir. They had a lot of thugs with them. Their aim was to clear the Midan from all people protesting there. They took many people with them… I was among those people. They took us to the Egyptian Museum and since we entered they started hitting us severely. We did not understand why they arrested us and they never explained.

I did not object to the soldiers because I thought they wouldn't understand our position anyway. So I waited for the political officers to explain the situation, I was sure they would understand better.
The opposite happened! The officers dealt more harshly and more violently with us. I was thrown on the ground and beaten severely.
Then they took off my clothes and cut my hair. They used different sorts of torture. They bet us with hard sticks, electricity cables, belts and wires.

More than once they hit us in our faces with their shoes. One of them used to jump in the air and then step on my face and back. After that they dragged me to the backyard of the Museum and put dirt on my face. Some officers started electro-shocking me many times. What can I say…

I only seek refuge by my Lord against the Egyptian Military."

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